Wander While I Work

I'm a remote graphic designer, climber, amateur race driver, and gear head traveling to wherever I can find some decent WiFi, new food, and new friends. Stay tuned for more and shoot me a message if you've got an idea for my next destination too 🤙🏻

Onward and Eastward

Day 2

After a not so restful night stealth camping in a hotel parking lot I decided to get on the road at dawn. My lack of sleep definitely got to me quickly though. I found myself needing to get out of the car for a bit after being on the road for only a few hours. Luckily, my route took me around Lake Michigan where I could explore a bit and enjoy the water. I got there around 10AM and had the entire beach to myself. I was a tad tenative being out there on my own which doesn't make for the most compelling video, so don't watch expecting anything epic to happen. It was just a peaceful moment where I'm reminded how small I am in the grand scheme of things which is a feeling I always relish.

After relaxing on the shore for a bit longer I felt refreshed. I started to walk back towards my car when I spotted a sandy path leading into the forest that had a lot of divots from people walking the path. My curiosity got the best of me yet again and I hiked up the path. This dune ended up being 30-40' tall. I was winded by the top of it, but the view it provided was absolutely worth it.


Next stop Canada.

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